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My name is Zeckoj,
I’m a Photographer and Videographer.

My passion to create digital content developed from my childhood. I used to direct my not so little sister anymore, by having her act out my story that I narrated.

With over 8 years of photographing and filming experience, I have been able to combine my passion, knowledge and expertise to reflect my unique style in my work. I passionately enjoy every aspect of this industry because it challenges me to learn something new every session, whether it’s with people, technique, creatively; I accept and challenge it all.

My Skills


A person's face is a very important piece of their digital resume. If you want to be treated like a professional, you need to look like a professional.

lifestyle Videos

My lifestyle videos exemplifies the ‘lifestyle’ behind your product or service, which appeals to your customer demographics.

Architectural Photography

We all know how to use our camera phones to take a picture. Take the time to hire me to represent your business.


Graphics provide a further depth to the visuals we created to help identify and mesmerize your clients or audience to retain the information you are providing them.

Why Choose Me?

light composure

All my photos and videos are composed of light to help paint the visual appeal of the subject.

Professional skills

I have worked with various individuals and genres of film and photography that adds a special skill to my work,

Perfect Equipment

In order to be the best, I rely on my top quality equipment brands such as Canon, BlackMagic, Manfrotto, Adobe Suite, DJI and much more.

ultra hd & 4K

My video quality can be captured in 4K quality to provide viewers with a real eye seeing experience.

unique vision

I take special care with every photo and video that I create and bring a unique vision in capturing it with my various styles of shooting.


I have been photographing and filming for over 8 years and with no desire to stop ever.